Build Update Week #13 May 21, 2021: LS3 looks at home in the M3

Lots of progress this week.

Initial test fit of the engine and marking of the frame rails and brackets that need to be removed. Two cuts were made into the frame rails, left and right, to allow the exhaust manifolds to fit.

The ABS pump will be relocated and the steering shaft will be moved a ¼ to ½ inch to clear the exhaust manifold and a eye hook brace will be welded to hold the steering shaft since an additional knuckle will be used.

The radiator will be moved down and the CARB legal CAI was test fitted. New brackets were created for the ABS pump, steering shaft, radiator mounts and cold air intake. The frame rails will be boxed and welded . The hood was test fit and clears the engine and cold air intake. The exhaust was test fitted and catalytic converters were reoriented to fit.

We are waiting for the transmission mounts along with some custom fabrication. The engine bay will be cleaned up and sent out for paint.

The LS3 looks at home in the e36 M3. We are still waiting for our Holley Accessory drive. Any part with electronics has been delayed for this build. Brian, the paint guy, is ready to work his magic on the M3.

Before Move
Cut and Moved
Eye Hook Finished!
Attached to Car
Radiator Bracket
Radiator lowered and test fitted
Camaro Cats "brand new"
Test fitted on the M3
Air Intake CARB EO #
Fixing rock chips and scratches
Front Bumper, grill all resprayed
Side Skirts resprayed

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