1996 BMW E36 M3

The Story

My goal is to build a California-legal, LS3-swapped, 1996 Dakar Yellow M3 restomod. The LS M3 will keep its subdued 90s look but be transformed into a reliable, unique, fun, and comfortable daily driver.

Options & Modifications


  • Dakar Yellow#2
  • Black Napa Leather
  • Vader Sport Seats
  • Factory Installed M-Rear Wing
  • Electric Sunroof
  • 17″x7.5″ Front & 17″x8.5″ Rear DS 2 Alloy Wheels 


  • GM LS3 Engine & T56 Super Magnum Transmission
  • 430 hp/424 lb-ft torque
  • TC Kline Single Adjustable coilovers; TC Kline-valved Koni shocks, TCK 500/600 springs, rear shock mounts,
  • New OEM bushings and suspension upgrades
  • Big brake kit
  • Custom stainless steel exhaust
  • Seat heating added to Vaders
  • M3 arm rest in black
  • Kenwood Apple CarPlay 7″ screen flush mount
  • Speakers Amp Replacement
  • Alcantara Euro 3 spoke wheel with flat bottom Shift Boot, Parking brake boot in Alcantara 
  • Aluminum rings installed and lights replaced on Instrument Cluster